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Isabelle Browning

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

Isabelle Browning is a supportive member of the Chelsea Buzz journalism staff, where she writes about the currents events around not only the beloved school of Chelsea, but also the world. She cares about what she writes, for she is trustworthy, and she wants whoever reads here work to feel like they’ve gained something from their time of reading. When she isn’t collaborating with her writing members, and interviewing school students, she still likes to socials with friends. With her friends she likes to go to music concerts, and festivals. “I like all kinds of music”, she said, “ Alternative, rap, sometimes even a splash of country”. Isabelle’s first concert was Moon Taxi, an alternative band. Just lately, she saw Hippie Sabotage. Her style is trendy street-style, mixed with a bohemian flair. She likes to let her personal style flow into her writing, for it is simple, clean, and new with the times. --written by Olivia Hand

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