Students discuss feelings toward new school restrictions

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

New dress code restrictions are what the Chelsea Hornets have been buzzing about recently.

Assemblies were held on August 10th and 11th during students’ GPS period. During these assemblies students were informed on new rules and restrictions to abide by. New dress code rules have been put in play for this year.

Rules such as, girls may not have their bralette or undergarment shown under their shirt or dress. Students understand that undergarments should not be shown but do not understand why bralettes may not be shown.

“Bralette’s are meant to be shown,” Chelsea High School student, Bella Williams stated, “they are sold in stores for that purpose.”

Another controversy that has risen throughout the school is the new addition to the rule of wearing leggings. As explained in the assembly, students may wear leggings with shirts, but they must wear shorts with pockets over their leggings. Most students currently have a negative opinion on this new rule. The majority of the student population at Chelsea agree that students should be allowed to wear leggings without shorts over them if the student’s posterior is covered by their shirt.

“Girls should be allowed to leggings and tshirts without wearing shorts over them. As male students, we do not look at what a girl is wearing and if she has leggings on,” Matthew Tyson and Zach Shaw shared to the Buzz. Students at Chelsea High School are now allowed to wear sweatpants to school, but students feel as if they are still restricted, due to the fact that they must wear shorts under their sweatpants.

Another rule spoken about that caused commotion over the student body is that students’ amount of tardies can potentially get parking passes taken away for an amount of time. Julia Keenum stated, “I payed for my parking pass for the year and do not think it should be taken away. I believe we should just have in-school discipline instead.”

Another Hornet, Daniel Villanueva, agreed with the rule, but believes the school should first start with warnings and the action of actually taking a parking pass should only happen if the problem becomes more severe.

“Leaving to get to school earlier is not that hard to do, I usually get here at 7:40 and the only reason I’m at the edge of being late is because there is the big issue of traffic that needs to be controlled better.”

In conclusion, not all students feel as if the severity of the new rules are necessary. Students plan to continue to follow the rules that have been set by the school board, but do not agree with all of the new additions.