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March 20, 2019

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Blog: “The Mask”

Keishace Jackson, Buzz News Reporter

So, we had another Socratic discussion, but this time, it was in English class. And by the way, I felt prepared for this one. However, at the moment, I had not been feeling so well. In the far back of my mind, I knew that I was feeling...well, off. I...

Book Blog Review- The Night Circus

Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

It’s a circus. A circus that only opens at night. There are no signs pronouncing it, no harald to bring attention to the news. One day, it’s not there, a blank section of town. The next, it’s there, a giant circus that would have taken months for...

Book Blog Review-Num8ers

Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Numbers. All he sees are numbers. One look, and that’s all it takes. Their death. Embedded into his mind and his journal forever. London. A beautiful place. Also, a place of death. Of sorrow and burning homes.    Adam is just a normal kid, with...