The Spookiest Halloween Attractions Around Town

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

Looking for a Halloween activity to celebrate the festive time? Alabama is full of many festivities celebrating this incoming holiday.

Haunted attractions are the most popular activities for teen students, such as the Chelsea High School students to go to.

Atrox Factory, Sloss’ Haunted Furnace, and Hellbilly Hollow are all popular and well known haunted attractions.

Atrox Factory is collectively the most popular haunted attraction from the Chelsea Hornets. Atrox is the “largest indoor haunted attraction in the Southeast. Located in Leeds, Atrox is put together in  a 40,000 square foot haunted factory with terrifying human and animatronic encounters.

“I went to Atrox last weekend and I got really scared when people grabbed my ankles and there was a man on the ceiling who grabbed my hair. It was a lot of fun,” shared Sierra Cleveland, 11th Grade.

The Sloss Fright Furnace is a close second favorite for the Chelsea High School students. The Fright Furnace is held at the downtown Birmingham National Historic Landmark. Many students shared that they believe that the Sloss Furnaces are actually haunted by spirits. With the rumors of being actually haunted and elaborate decorations throughout the furnaces, Sloss Fright Furnace is one of the most beloved haunted attractions around.

Senior, Audrey Rushing stated, “I go to Sloss Furnace every year. I love it. It has become a tradition for my friends and I to go to every October 28th before Halloween.”

HellBilly Hollow is one of the newest attractions. The Hollow is a mainly outside and in the forest attraction. “Hellbillies” chase customers around as the attractors walk throughout the track. “I went last year and this year and I loved it. I think it is one of the scariest places I have been to yet,” said Kristen Vetrano, 11th Grader.

Hellbilly Hollow is located in Vincent and open on the weekends up until Halloween.

There are many haunted Halloween attractions if any Chelsea Hornets are out searching for a fun activity to celebrate the holiday. Every hornet have a safe and happy Halloween!