Office aides share fun experiences


Isabelle Browning, Reporter

The Chelsea High School front office is the beginning place of excitement and action of the school. Along with the adults working to keep the school in order in the office there are also special helpers during each period.

These helpers are office aides. Office aides are made up of students who volunteer a period of there day to help the front of the school with various duties. Interesting and exciting stories along with their important duties they have throughout the day have been shared by a few office aides.

The Buzz sat down with junior, Olivia Skillern who is an office aide for seventh period. As an office aide Ms. Skillern helps check people in and out of school and calls people to the office over the intercom.Along with the duties of helping students in the office she also delivers packages to classes and put mail in staff boxes in the mail room.

Skillern shared that she loves being an office aid and would recommend it to other students next year. Her favorite parts of being an office aid is helping others, being able to have time to study for other classes. “We have a lot of fun in the office. We get to eat snacks for teacher awareness week and sometimes Mrs. Bell will bring coloring books for us.”

Another office aide, Thai-Phong Ngo shared his experiences with the Buzz. Ngo aides for eight period. He enjoys his duties as an aide during eight because he gets to put out cones for car rider line, bring down the flag at the end of the day, and also gets to do the afternoon announcements. “I’m really glad I became an office aide this year,” Ngo shared, “we have a lot of fun and so exciting things during the period.”

Overall, every office aide at Chelsea High School thoroughly enjoys their jobs working in the exciting front of the school. If any Hornet is interested in becoming an office aid they may pick up a form requesting to work next school year.