New Student Teacher: Meet Ms. Copenhaver

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

A new addition has been added to the classroom of the English, Journalism, and Broadcast teacher, Mr. Andrew Schmidt.

This semester Mr. Schmidt will have a sidekick throughout the school day. Meet his new found sidekick, Ms. Angel Copenhaver. Ms. Copenhaver is a student teacher from the University of Montevallo. She is here working on getting her Masters in Secondary Education. 

At the University of Montevallo, Copenhaver is in an alternative program that puts her in three semesters of teaching classes. During the third semester, she is placed in a school environment for almost the whole semester. Ms. Copenhaver chose to work here with high school students during this semester.

“I love high school students. I love the content and the things that are taught in the English high school classroom. I love the feedback that is given by the students. There are so many different opinions and ideas from the students, I really enjoy bringing that into the classroom.”

As a child, Ms. Copenhaver’s past teachers really inspired her to read and love literature. Copenhaver hopes to share the love she haves for books and teaching as a high school English teacher after this semester.