Graduation closes in

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

The bittersweet time of the year is upon us. Yes, graduation is near.

Twelve days from now the Chelsea Hornet seniors will be leaving this school to begin their journey into the world. Some of these seniors have been hornets since intermediate school and now they are leaving this school for their new future endeavors.

Next week the seniors will be taking their final exams. The upperclassmen have this opportunity to take their exams the week before the underclassmen, because of graduation. Many underclassmen view the seniors as lucky, because after graduation they’re free to start their new lives as adults.

The Buzz interviewed a senior, Daniel Walker, about how he feels about graduation. Daniel is very excited about graduating, but he shared that the hardest part about graduation coming up is that he has to prepare himself for college. Daniel will miss all his friends he’s made throughout his years at Chelsea and they will miss him as well. Senior year was Daniel’s favorite year at Chelsea because he worked really hard this year and his hard work paid off. “The best part of Chelsea High School was how close it was to home. Chelsea really felt like a family,” Daniel said.

As we say goodbye to our seniors soon, we wish them well on the journey into their new lives. To the Chelsea seniors leaving our hornet family, we love you and remember, it’s a great day to be a Hornet!