Teacher spotlight: Mr. Gargus


Isabelle Browning

Mr. Phillip Gargus

Isabelle Browning, Reporter

This week’s teacher spotlight is on Chelsea’s new Algebra teacher, Phillip Gargus. This is not only Coach Gargus’ first year teaching at Chelsea High School, it is his first year teaching anywhere. Mr.Gargus attended the University of Alabama, studying Mathematics and Secondary Education.

When asked how he is enjoying Chelsea, Gargus replied saying, “I love it, I love all of my classes.” Gargus explained to the Buzz that his favorite thing about teaching is getting to interact with the students and getting to know them while teaching basic mathematics. It is clear that Gargus cares very much for his students, although he has only been teaching them for the first nine weeks.

In the classroom, Gargus genuinely strives for his students to learn. He is open to answering any questions his students may have. Gargus will voluntarily help students with any algebra problem that may be confusing. His students would agree that Gargus is a very laid back yet honorable teacher.

Teaching mathematics was not Coach Gargus’ first ideal profession. When he was a child he wished to be a professional athlete; as he grew older he thought about becoming an engineer, as well, but soon Gargus realized that he wanted to begin teaching. “When I found teaching I decided that it would be much more interesting than anything else I had ever thought about doing,” said Gargus.

Gargus said that growing up, mathematics was not his favorite subject in school, but it was definitely not his least favorite either. He wouldn’t say that he was ever fascinated with math, as a child, or would have ever thought he would be teaching it as an adult. He shared that in school he was always good in math which made him enjoy learning it, just as he hopes his students will enjoy learning.

Overall, Coach Gargus is a very dedicated teacher that we hope will stay teaching here at Chelsea for an extensive time. If you don’t have Gargus as your Algebra teacher be sure to look out for him coaching the Chelsea tennis team this year.