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Chase Cowart

Chase Cowart, Reporter

Chase Cowart is a freshman at Chelsea High School. He enjoys band, and is on the marching band this season as one of the only freshmen on snare drum. Chase is looking forward to becoming more independent throughout his high school years, and to going to the football games. When watching Netflix he loves any shows to do with Marvel, but loves Netflix in general. Chase’s favorite subject is band and his least favorite subject is science. When choosing between Alabama and Auburn, he shouts, “ROLL TIDE!”.  Chase claims that his spirit animal is a hawk because he is noisy and loud. Chase is in the Red Mountain Theater group and his four main productions he has been in are Mary Poppins, Les Miserables, School of Rock, and the Secret Garden. Chase Cowart cannot wait to see where he goes throughout high school. --written by Baylie Hunsaker

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