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Jacob McManus

Jacob McManus, Reporter

Jacob McManus is an aspiring freshmen reporter at Chelsea High School. Jacob was born February 10th ,2003 at St Vincent's Hospital. When he was growing up he was a loud kid that bit his great uncle, Weldon McManus. Jacob says “Yea he still has the scare today“. Jacob has 2 dogs named Nick and Bella. Jacob says that  Nick is a “Morbidly obese dog” and that “he eats to much”. His other dog Bella is a Shitzoo poodle mix and she is nice and friendly. In Jacob’s free time he likes to lay in his bed and play xbox for hours on end. But when Fall comes around he is on his feet cheering for the Alabama Crimson Tide football team. When he is at his Grandmother’s he likes to swim and ride four wheelers. Jacob likes animals and this is why he has a zoo membership at the Birmingham zoo. Jacob’s friends call him noodles because of his physical physique. Rachel Johnson says that Jacob is “a friendly guy” and “very funny”. So when walking around CHHS shout out to Jacob. --written by Tanner Marlow

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