Make-up snow day raises E-Day questions


Chase Cowart, Reporter

On Friday, December 8, Chelsea High School was canceled school because of snow.  This cancellation was not because of a state of emergency, so it has to be made up with another school day.

Mrs. Polk, an assistant principal was interviewed about the concept of an E-Day. Though Chelsea may not have had one in the past, they are definitely used in other schools near Chelsea. As of now, Chelsea will be making this day up on President’s day – Monday, February 19th.

Q- What is an E-Day?

A- An E-day is a way for students to gain instruction and meet standards while working from home on Google Classroom or other online instructional methods.

Q- What are the positive and negative effects of an E-Day?

A- The positive effects are that students still gain instruction from a missed day of school and are able to use technology as an interactive method. Some negative effects are that students may not be able to handle the responsibility of working from home without teacher assistance as well as not having internet access at home.

Q-Why are we unable to makeup this snow day with an E-day?

A- The Shelby County School System along with the Superintendent approve or deny an E-Day. This is not a Chelsea High School decision.