Getting to know Ms. Polk


Baylie Hunsaker and Chase Cowart

Two new assistant principals arrived at Chelsea High School this year. We interviewed them to find some answers to questions regarding their first thoughts when arriving here at Chelsea. Today we will focus on Ms. Marisa Polk. We asked her a few questions about herself and about Chelsea High School.

Q: Where did you teach before?

A: “Oak Mountain and a school in Florida.”

Q: What did you teach?

A: “English 10&11, Special Education, and Career Prep.”

Q: Where did you go to college?

A: “Montevallo and Alabama”

Q: Why did you become an assistant principal?

A: “I wanted to make a bigger impact on the school and in education for the students.”

Q: Do you root for Auburn or Alabama?

A: “I am a little bit of both. My husband went to Auburn, and I went to Montevallo, so I adopted Auburn. I like Alabama though because that is where I got my Masters.”

Q: What do you like about Chelsea?

A: “I like the student body and how diverse it is. I see that the teachers actually care about the students.”

Q: What don’t you like at Chelsea?

A: “It’s too soon in the school year to tell.”

Q: What’s different about Chelsea then other schools?

A: “The student body is more diverse than Oak Mountain, but I like that.”

Q: Why a sudden change in the dress code?

A: “They never changed anything about the dress code. It has always been in the code of conduct but is being forced by the county Board of Education. The only actual change is that Coach Trucks is allowing the students to wear sweatpants now.”

Q: If you could be any fruit, what would you be?

A: “A banana because I like bananas.”