The Beginning of the Holidays

Chase Cowart, Reporter

Christmas is a very important holiday. Here in Chelsea, many people enjoy decorating their homes and front yards to represent the season and the liveliness of the holiday. Yet, these same citizens have different opinions regarding the concept of the beginning of Christmas. Some may not enjoy seeing decorations up before their opinionated start date and others may think that it’s coming too late. It’s the same way at Chelsea High School. Each student has their own opinion and some teachers will decorate their classroom.

The Chelsea Buzz interviewed student Tanner Marlow about his considered date for the start of Christmas.

“I think that Christmas starts after Thanksgiving.”

As a followup question, The Buzz asked Marlow exactly how Thanksgiving affected the start of Christmas for Tanner.

“Black Friday is a part of Thanksgiving and that is when we all go shopping for Christmas gifts.”

As stated before, some people get upset when the decorations come out before their preferred date regarding the start of Christmas.

“I do get upset because people overlook Thanksgiving due to Christmas decorations.”

The start of the Holiday can mean more to others, whereas some people may not care.

“The beginning makes me have a good feeling inside that reminds me that I am loved. Christmas music also starts to come on the radio and I am a large fan of Christmas music.”


Next, the Buzz interviewed Kiersten David.

“Christmas begins when the red cups come out at Starbucks.”

Many people have a specific thing that they love about the holiday.

“My favorite thing about the Christmas Holiday is that I am part of a musical called the ‘Holiday Spectacular’ in downtown Birmingham.”

Christmas can also affect the mood of a person.

“Christmas brightens my day and changes my attitude.”

Some people have different reasons to see the importance in Christmas.

“I get to spend so much time with my friends, and they truly make Christmas important to me.”