Chelsea student Q&A: Music in the school day

Chase Cowart, Reporter

Music is often listened to by students during the school day. Students do this for many reasons and often will get in trouble for doing so. However, there may be advantages to listening to music that other teachers and/or students may not realize. Rachel Johnson was interviewed by the Buzz Staff in order to get a student’s insight on the situation.


Question #1: Do you listen to music while you are at school?

Answer: “Yes.”

Question #2: Why do you listen to music while you are at school?

Answer: “It helps me concentrate. I feel like it fuels my creativity.”

Question #3: How does music affect you as a student?

Answer: “It helps me to stay for focused, as long I do not have to listen to something else at the same time.”

Question #4: Have you noticed any difference in your work speed or quality when you listen to music? Explain the difference.

Answer: “When listening to music without lyrics, I am able to concentrate better, and work faster for a longer period of time.”

Question #5: What type of music do you listen to?

Answer: “Indie and classical versions of pop songs when doing homework.”


According to Rachel, music generally improves her work performance at school. Though this may not be the case for all students, many could relate to Rachel and take her side in the situation. Without music in the lives of students, there many be disadvantages that no one expected. Thus, we should never underestimate the power of music, on behalf of Rachel and all of the other students like her. If used correctly during the school day and homework hours, students may find positive results that they have never seen before.