Netflix Review- Riverdale

Chase Cowart, Reporter

Riverdale is a TV show that airs on The CW. However, it arrived to Netflix on May 19 and was a huge hit.

The show basically revolves around the death of Jason Blossom. A brother to Cheryll Blossom who supposedly died on July 4th near Sweetwater river. Not only does the show revolve around the question, “whodunit”, it constantly is focusing on why the death occurred. The five main characters in this show are Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Veronica Lodge, and Cheryl Blossom. Part of what makes Riverdale so interesting to teenagers, is that it relates to the typical high school, its stereotypes, and devastating secrets. Savannah Osborne gives information to The Buzz to elaborate on the topic.

“I absolutely love Riverdale,” Osborne said. “Mainly because I can definitely relate to it as a highschooler. It is also very interesting to watch because it has a lot of drama.”

Osborne speaks for many other teenagers. It’s almost as if the show is a platform for teenagers to feel safe and understood. Friend groups are pretty serious in the ages of middle school and high school. They break or they last and both situations have consequences for the people involved in them.

Though Riverdale may seem boring to adults because “they are past that stage” or have “better things to do,” it shouldn’t be. Through the drama, humor, and reality of the show, there is meaning. There is a bedrock of love and persistence that shown through the show’s plot.

Riverdale is a scary town, with too many things unknown to even be normal. So, how does that relate to the normal life that people live? Something that might be willing to think about for those who can’t answer the previous question is simple. There will always be a place in someone’s life where they feel unloved and unsafe. That would be the Riverdale to an average Joe. So, how would that person live through it? How does a person step through something that is dark and undiscovered? Back to the meaning of the show, love, perseverance, trust, and hope.

Riverdale may be a show based on high schoolers, but it’s really a show to make someone feel good and realize that there will always be a group of friends or a fast food restaurant when life seems to dull and dark to comprehend.