TV Shows that may spark your interest


Landi Rutledge, Buzz News Reporter

Do you know the feeling of getting really into a show, and you can’t stop binge-watching it? It felt good didn’t it? Television has been beneficial to many children in different ways. For example, TV shows can help bring awareness to serious issues like mental health, addictions, and physical and mental abuse. Television can also be a way to unwind after a long day. Some TV shows can even inspire aspiring journalists, professional sports players, or even actors. I interviewed a few students to ask them about their favorite shows. Here’s some TV shows that may be worth your while.

Evie Green stated, “My favorite show is Survivor because it is very interesting to see how people use different strategies to win the game.” If you didn’t know, Survivor is a reality show that consists of a group of contestants that are stranded on a secluded location, typically an island, with limited resources.

Brie Lee said, “The office is my favorite show because it’s humorous.” The Office is about a group of office workers that use sarcastic humor on day-to-day life.

Kaidan Ott replied, “Criminal Minds because it’s interesting and is what I want to do when I get older.” Criminal Minds is about a group of FBI agents who analyze extreme situations, and take down the most dangerous criminals, before they strike again.

Rhyan Foster stated, “Grey’s Anatomy because it was recommended to me by someone, and instantly became my favorite show. I like shows that deal with drama and every season kept me hooked and wanting to watch more.”  Grey’s Anatomy is a drama centered around the lives, both professional and personal, of the best surgeons and their medical interns.

Keishace Jackson said, ” Family Fued because it’s funny and I would love to go on the show one day.” Family Fued is a game show about two different families being asked a serious of trivia questions to win a prize. The prize can range from anything to money to a all expenses paid vacation.

Anytime you’re feeling bored check out one of the shows mentioned, you never know, it may become you’re favorite show.

Here’s a few of my personal favorites: On My Block, Stranger Things, and The Umbrella Academy.