Homecoming Excitement

Homecoming Excitement

Talk about homecoming is buzzing through the halls of Chelsea High. With it drawing closer, students are becoming more and more excited. From relationship homecoming-posals to cute friendship ones, the students can’t wait to see what it has in store for them.

When a group of freshman were asked about homecoming, the majority responded by saying, they were excited but, nervous.

Lexi Frederick, freshman said that, she is excited to dance with her friends and have a good time.

Alexis Collins said, “I feel like homecoming will be an exciting experience and it will give me more time to hang out with friends.”

On Chelsea Buzz, a poll was created to ask students about their feelings about the event. When asked if excited about homecoming, 73 voters out of 139 responded with yes. The second common answer was “Maybe,if I find a date”, with 41 votes.

Hopefully, homecoming meets expectation and is worth the wait.