Movie Review: Halloween Kills

Veronica Zieba, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Continuing the classic Halloween” series, was the newly released sequel Halloween Kills. 

The sequel opens from where it left off from the previous movie with Laurie, Karen, and Allyson leaving the masked killer Michael Myers to burn in the basement. 

Believing the worst is over for them, the family rushes Laurie to the hospital.

Little do they know, Michael has managed to free himself and is out to get revenge. 

The people must rise up once again to take this matter into their own hands and hunt down Michael once and for all.

Many fans of the series have been waiting to witness the characters take on Michael once again, but had mixed feelings on it.

The movie does struggle to satisfy in terms of plot, as it is a little slow, and dialogue which is very repetitive and bland throughout. 

While the movie may be slow and drag a bit, there is a reason behind it. 

This sequel was clearly made to tie some loose ends  that were left hanging from the last movie, and to pave the way for the anticipated ending, resulting in slower-paced storytelling. 

Adding on, the characters don’t feel as boring as they are made out to be, but do feel like they are just there to fulfill their given job and nothing more.  

The characters could have each been given more of a personality to distinguish them from the other characters in the movie instead of making them bland. 

However, an undeniable statement is that the movie does not hold back on gore and violence.

As the title suggests, there is a lot of blood in the action, which helps this series stand out from others with its unique approach to cinematography. 

Overall though, the movie has a lot to offer for fans looking for a good amount of gore and is here to give the audience a spooky atmosphere this Halloween season.