The Dance life

Leanna Tyler, Buzz News Reporter

The dance life is great. When you dance as much as me, you learn that dance is more then a sport dance is the way of life.

whether your  sad,happy or angry you can turn to dance . Dance is a way to express you feelings without actually using words.

Chelsea Buzz asked  A freshman  dancer/cheerleader  Madeleine Cargile how she feels about dance and she  says” it makes me  happy because dancing  to your favorite songs and seeing everything come together is kinda magical.”

Dancing is more then just moving your body. Dancing is an emotion. Kids who have problems when it comes to social activity can turn to dance because with dance you can listen to how they feel but all so see it in motion it can be a magical thing. If your anything like  you can dance everywhere  You can dance in Walmart . you can dance walking down the hallway at school.  You can dance in restaurants. You can dance walking my dog.  You can dance because   dance will always be there for me when know one else is .

There are several different types of dance . You have color guard ,cheer, hip hop,contemporary,and many more types.Chelsea buzz  asked a junior Kaylee Rogers  how she feels about color guard and she said “Its fun but very stressful”  I agree with her dance can be stressful at times but in the end  you will love and never want to give it up.