“The Importance of Vanity”


Zoi McVay, Reporter

Kristen Hamby, a senior at Chelsea High School, has created a piece of artwork called “The Importance of Vanity” to express a social statement. Using linoleum prints she has created an image of a skeleton with lipstick, false eyelashes, and holding a mirror to invoke an interpretive thought process with the theme of vanity.

In describing the piece, Hamby said, “The skeleton wearing makeup shows how much importance we put into our appearances when in reality it just doesn’t matter”. The rest can be left up to your own imagination; whether you think the skeleton represents old age, death, or even how underneath everything we are all the same, everyone has a different interpretation of the piece.

She was inspired to do this piece thinking at first it was “almost silly,” then realized it could have a deeper meaning than if you take it at face value. It helps people realize that there truly is no importance to vanity as society makes it seem.