“Mystery Man” | by Logan Carson

“Mystery Man ” | by Logan Carson


There once was a man.

A man no one knew.

He never talked and had no shoes. 

Everyone in the town thought he was poor,

but nobody attempted to help him out. 

But he did not care what other people did,

because he knew something nobody else did… 




So he hid,

because he did not want to be famous.

He just wanted to live his life. 

Until that one fateful day… 

He wanted to help people out

so he was making a suit.

It was grey with a flamethrower,

and it was his first suit.

But it could not fly.


Then, the man heard a woman scream.

She was in trouble!! 

So he put on his suit,

 and ran to help her out. 

He asked her what happened,

 and she said that someone stole her purse. 

So he ran after the man

chasing him four blocks before catching him. 

He brought the purse back to the woman. 

“What’s your name?” she asked.