Little things we forget to cherish during autumn and why it’s the best season

Julia Gigis, Reporter


September 22 marks the official start of Autumn. Julia Gigis takes a look at what makes it such a great season.

The Crunch of Fallen Leaves – The first thing that comes to mind when the weather fluctuates into a mellow crisp, is the golden and ruby leaves swaying lackadaisically to the pavement. The brittle leaves underneath the sole of your shoe create an oddly satisfying sound as you walk home under the vibrantly painted sky.

The Scent of Your Kitchen – Of course, we all jump to think that candy is the spirit of the season, however there are plenty of other sweets that warm our hearts as well as our stomachs. Dishes incorporated with butternut squash, sweet potato, pumpkin, and other seasonal stars, fill the noseblind void of our homes with a cheery soulful warmth. Not to forget to mention, the aroma of a sweet drizzle of maple trembling down your pumpkin waffles before you take off for the day.

Television and Movies – Around Fall, our favorite television series return. There’s nothing quite like kicking back on the sofa in your sweatpants with your laptop in your lap binge watching a much anticipated show. Whether you’re in elementary or high school, there’s no other excitement like watching all the seasonal shows and movies that come on during October, such as Hocus Pocus or Halloween Town. If you’re not a Halloween patriot like myself, then you can at least appreciate football season from your living room.

The Decorations – Aside from the cliche pumpkins and skeletons, we forget to love on the natural elements of decorating. Cornucopias, Indian Corn, Gourds, and hay stacks are some of the most well known  displays throughout Autumn. Each of these remind us just how beautiful nature is rather than the typical examples of flowers and trees.