CJ Moreno, Reporter

Art surrounds you everywhere you step. And here at the Chelsea Buzz we searched in the art room for one of the most meaningful paintings. 

We have many talented artist here roaming Chelsea High School, but one of the most promising students is Kendel Humphrey. She says, “As a senior I always see myself leaning towards an art career than anything else.”

Humphrey’s newest piece, “Incongruous,” leaves a lot to the imagination while demonstrating a common issue in our current society. Humphrey’s watercolor and acrylic painting shows her take on a simple clay model from Mr. Newton’s art room. Shaded unruly with many sorts of colors, and cruelly painted bars covering the spots needed to be covered. The Chelsea Buzz asked why she covered the man’s breast being he is a man. Kendel replied saying, “We’re in America and everyone is suppose to be equal, correct? Well then why should a woman cover something a man shouldn’t have to? It’s stupid and why is that even accepted nowadays.” Every work she does she puts every ounce of her heart into it. And this painting definitely shows her opinion on sexism and how it affects people.

Moreover, Kendel’s painting took more than one try to get her vision onto paper. She painted the same topic three times until she was happy with the outcome. She said, “I’m a giant perfectionist, which I guess isn’t the best flaw to have being an abstract painter.” Humphrey is art four and loves having her art always on show around the art room. She plans to enter an art show next month and entering her piece, “Unrated.” 

The Chelsea Buzz picked Kendel Humphrey for the art spotlight this month because we felt like her mind was showing throughout the beautiful artwork. She forged her time and opinions into a creation many people spend a lot of time keeping their eyes on.