“Hindsight” – by Morgan Seay


Photo by Kathryn Green, Class of 2016

Morgan Seay, Class of 2018

I should have known better.

We should have known better

Living in our taverns of lies

Drunk off secrets and dishonest love.

We trudged about in our canopies

Shielding our eyes from the truth

Of the burning sun.


We slept on clouds of cotton

And bathed in rivers of dreams.

We lived a life of lies

Through the looking glass.

We saw fire.

We saw fire and destruction.

And wanted none of it.


So we hid behind our curtains

Shut our eyes tight

Oblivious to the burning world


But fire spreads

Like a ferocious dragon it caught us

Trapping us in its fiery belly.


And we burned with the

World leaving nothing behind

But the woeful ash of our mistakes