CHHS participates in Unity Concert

Nakia Coleman, Reporter

Just recently on October 19th the Choir Department here at Chelsea hosted a Unity Concert at The Metropolitan Church in Birmingham. The Chelsea Choir invited the Jackson-Olin High School Choir, one of the choirs from Chelsea Middle School, and an elementary choir to sing along at the event. Last year this same event was hosted by the Jackson-Olin High School Choir and they had invited the Chelsea Show Choir to their school for the same peaceful cause. The Unity Concert is a small way for the Chelsea community to bring peace to the world that is dealing with so much chaos at the moment. It may not reach the whole entire world, but it will reach and touch each person who attended this concert. Which hopefully will help the word spread. The choir teacher from Chelsea High School, Mrs. Dick, stated at the concert, “Though the choirs may only be 20 percent of the world’s population, they’re 100 percent the future.” It sums up the huge difference that will be made with one small step of peace.


When Chelsea choir student, Car’Dajah Burns (11th grade) was asked about the Unity Concert she responded this.

Q: How do feel about combining so many choirs together and making them one?

A: “I feel like with combining so many choirs some of the intimacy was lost. I do, however, think that it taught all of us to socialize with people who may be different from us. With combining so many choirs, I felt like it showed that we were willing to put in the work the be the change we want to see in the world.”

Q: Do you feel as though music could bring peace to the world?

A: “Music could definitely bring peace to the world. Music is a way to spread love and light.”

Q: How do you hope people feel once they hear the choirs sing?

A: “I hope people feel happy and like their community is trying to make a change. I hope they feel proud.”

Q: What does this concert mean to you?

A: “To me the concert is a chance to shut down the racial, and even educational, divide between not only Chelsea and Jackson-Olin, but schools and cities all over. This concert is a way to show people that we care about each other and are trying to make a difference in our world through what we love which is music.”