Theatre participates in showcase

Lexi Williams, Reporter

On Saturday November 7, the Chelsea High School Theatre Department participated in the Trumbauer showcase.

Now, when you hear the word ‘theater’ you probably think the classic phrase ‘Lights, Camera, Action!’ but it’s much more than that. There is planning, practicing, hard work, and emotional connections with your piece, whether it be a scene, monologue, or a song.

Walter Trumbauer State Theatre Festival is held at Troy University and is a showcase of theatre students talents. It is a required event of theatre students. Theatre one students start planning for Trumbauer in the spring. They talk about certain categories, strengths, and specific pieces. A lot of planning goes into Trumbauer.

The Chelsea Buzz recently interviewed Mrs. Francie Gardner about the experience.

“The kids worked incredibly hard to showcase their talents. We had students participate in almost all categories.” Mrs. Gardner said.

The age group ranges from freshman to seniors, and they can participate in all categories. There are 28 categories in all.

“I believe that our sophomores worked the hardest out of the acting groups. It was definitely a challenge for them.”

In total, about 30-40 schools participate in Trumbauer. The kids are up against a lot of strenuous competitors.

So, when you see Theatre kids rehearsing their pieces, keep in mind what they may be preparing for.