Chelsea sports update

Larry Johnson, Reporter

Normally, the Chelsea Hornets basketball team would be hanging up their jerseys and cleaning out their lockers. However, for the first time in 29 years, they’re headed to regionals after two major victories over the Oxford Yellow Jackets and the Albertville Aggies. This win catapults the Hornets into the “Sweet 16” meaning they will contend with the top 16 6A teams in the state. They will take on the Woodlawn Colonels. Although basketball season is coming to a close, here are the sports to look forward to.

Baseball, Golf, Softball, Soccer, and Tennis all have recently started up or will be starting this February at Chelsea High School. These teams worked hard this offseason to prepare for their upcoming seasons. Tennis recently started as of last weekend, the first sport to start their season. Golf also started recently.

The 2015 Chelsea Hornets Baseball Team will begin their tough 6A Area 10 schedule with a matchup against the Holtville Bulldogs at home on February 16. The Hornets hope to compete with the tough competition of their division. Although their division is only made up of two other teams, The Oxford Yellow Jackets and Pell City Panthers, the opposition is still excellent.

Last year the Oxford Yellow Jackets recorded 31 wins to only 9 losses. They were also victorious in the finals in 2012.

Coach Eamonn Kelly will lead the Pell City Panthers in only his second season.

The Hornets’ coach, Michael Stallings, enters the season with high hopes for his team. He hopes for better results this season than the results from prior years.

The 2015 Chelsea Hornets softball team opens their season against The Mountain Brook Spartans at home on February 26. Mr. Russell McCartey will coach the girls as they look forward to competing for the playoffs. In 2012, the Hornets won the state championship in Class 3A. Since then, the softball team has recorded a less impressive record of 19-38-1.

The 2015 Chelsea Hornets Varsity Soccer Team began their season with a win over Hillcrest-Tuscaloosa Patriots. The Hornets won by a score of 3-0 (the junior varsity team won by an impressive score of 9-0). The win on Monday, set the tone for this season. The Hornets hope to make it to the playoffs by winning their area title and possessing a good win-loss record. Chelsea is one of four teams competing in the Class 6A Area 8 division alongside the Oak Mountain Eagles, Pelham Panthers, and the Thompson Warriors. Mr. Lee Miller is the coach of the varsity team this year and hopes for a successful season.

The girl’s soccer team lost Monday night against the Oak Mountain Eagles by a score of 4-0 to begin their 2015 season. In 2012, the Chelsea Hornets girl’s soccer team won the state championship. Coached by Jonathan Hammett, the squad hopes to recapture their previous success. They will compete against the Oak Mountain Eagles and the Spain Park Jaguars for the Class 6A Area 8 title.

Meanwhile, in their respective offseasons, many football players, softball players, and wrestlers alike, are dedicating their bodies to keep in shape for when their beloved sport is in season. Through devotion and hard work, these teams hope to bring good to the Chelsea High School name.

Although these students work extremely hard in their sports, the fans play a significant role in the success of the Chelsea Hornets. The Baum Squad is the name of the Chelsea High School student section and has cheered on the Hornets in numerous sporting events on numerous occasions. They will continue to show their Hornet pride throughout the year.