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Zyria Polk

Zyria Polk, Reporter

Zyria Polk is 14 years old she is Freshman in Chelsea High school. Her birthday is on February 10, 2003 she 5’8 inches. She has 3 siblings. Her favorite color is pink because it reminds her of flowers. Her favorite thing to do when she is bored watch Netflix her favorite show that she watches on there is “The Flash”. Her favorite desert are brownies  Her favorite song is “Unforgettable” by French Montana. Her favorite book to read is the Secret Life of Bees which was one of our summer reading books this summer. Her favorite movie is “Brotherly Brothers”. Her favorite subject in school is Math. She states that if she weren't to be doing basketball she would be doing Softball. After high school she wants to go to LSU she wants to major in engineering. -written by Jennifer Moreno

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