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Jennifer Moreno

Jennifer Moreno, Reporter

Jennifer Moreno is a 14 year old,  5’0,  9th grade student here at Chelsea High School. Her favorite color is blue and her birthday is on the day of love, February 14, 2003, which makes her an aquarius. She has three siblings and enjoys read and listening to her favorite song “Perfect Pint” by French Montana. Since she loves reading so much naturally, her favorite subject is English. When she’s not reading she also enjoys watching her favorite show Riverdale on Netflix or her favorite movie Love Rosey. While she is watching her favorite shows and movies after school the first thing she does is eats. Jennifer also likes running and plans to join the track team. When she graduates high school Jennifer wants to go to college at FSU and major in English and Literature. Jennifer’s main goal in high school is to finish with a great g.p.a and she plans to reach that goal. -written by Zyria Polk

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