Volleyball season draws near

Jennifer Moreno and Zyria Polk

In the fall, Chelsea High starts getting competitive when we enter the sports season. At the start of the season we get fired up with football, cross country, and volleyball. We are expecting a lot of wins this year. Each team practices hard to accomplish their goals with the help of their coaches. We interviewed the coach of the volleyball team, Coach Pickett, to find out more about this season.


Coach Pickett informed us about different things happening on the team. Our first question for her was about the first game and where it will be. She says August 31st at Jeff Davis High School in Montgomery it will start at @2:00 pm. A tradition that they will before this game is one they do before every game, the team gets in a circle sticks each of their right foots in say the Lord’s Prayer.

Coach Pickett also told us about the team’s winning and losing streak, they won 39 and only lost 9. When they were playing these games the two most competitive players on the team stuck out, Victoria Schmer and Meleah Craft. These girls will be a big contribution to the game Coach Pickett is looking most forward to, the area match between Helena and Pelham. We also asked some personal questions about her views on coaching We asked her what her favorite part about coaching is and she said it always puts a smile on her face when the girls on the team improve and have success and seeing the looks on their faces when they have achieved something.

Coach Pickett is a very experienced coach, she has been coaching for 8 years but, she has not always coached volleyball. Before Coach Pickett had her son she was a basketball coach and she says if she couldn’t coach volleyball she would in fact coach basketball, The best game she has experienced while coaching basketball and volleyball was when she ¬†was a coach at Alexandria High School before their state championship.

Coach Pickett plans on being on a situation like this again by achieving her goal as a coach, to keep her players at practices and games. Hopefully, some of you will be there to support and Coach Pickett this season.