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CHHS students discuss NFL kneeling

Jennifer Moreno, Reporter

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I decided to ask some people about a very popular topic which is their opinion on the NFL players kneeling down. I asked six people about this and this is their response


A1: “In my opinion I feel that the players kneeling down was Great! I feel like it was the only way for them to get their point across it made people actually recognize their actions. People love to come up with the excuse that it’s disrespectful to veterans but I come from a long line from lineage of veterans and not one of them feels in any way disrespected. No one ever takes into mind why they’re kneeling, they are kneeling in protest of the young African American men that are being killed , they are not trying to “disrespect the flag” or “disrespect the peoples lives who have been lost fighting the country” , they are simply saying we need to stop and realize that young men are being killed and no one one’s doing anything about it .- Camille Long 9th grade


A2: “ I think they have a right to kneel down during the national anthem but at the same time I understand why some people don’t think it’s right. I think NFL players are getting their point across to others and I love that not only the players are doing it but also their coaches as well”. -Catherine Lopez 9th grade


A3:” Honestly I think they have the right to do that and they have the right to silent protest the players  are not hurting anyone by taking a knee. They should be able to protest for what they believe in. These players represent the NFL and they should have a voice in today’s society. The president should leave politics out of football and he shouldn’t have said what he said about the players. If the president wants to make America great again then he should not judge these people for what they want”. -Donavan Bivins 9th grade


A4:” I believe they have the right to protest any real or perceived wrongdoing, as long as they do so in a nonviolent manner. Their protest does not cause harm or interfere in others lives, therefore they are not doing anything wrong”. -David Owens 9th grade


A5: “If they are kneeling because of what they believe then go for it . I wouldn’t kneel but they can do whatever. If they feel cooler to somebody when they kneel okay. It isn’t violet so go for it. It’s a free country”. -Bailey Owenby 9th grade


A6: I believe Trump is just talking to talk. Because people pay money to see players play. Not how they kneel down or not”. -Ariylan Alverz 9th grade

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