Diversity committee plans for assembly

Zyria Polk, Reporter

Right now the Chelsea Minority Diversity Committee is planning in advance for their next big project, their black history month assembly. Even though it is a little early, two of some of the clubs most valuable assets Daniel Washington, the president, and Patricia Noel , the event planner, are determined to make this assembly something to remember. I interview both of these dedicated individuals about this subject. The first one being Washington.

I asked Washington four questions regarding the assembly. I asked him about what the event will include, who brought the idea on, when it will be, and what are some of his plans for future months.

“We will try to express different aspects and sides to Black History and the people who made it what it is,” said Washington .

“Me and my Vice President brought the idea to Chelsea Minority Diversity Committee,” he went on.
“and there is no exact date yet but we are pushing for a day in February .“

Lastly he informed me “we plan on embracing various of different cultures including the day of the dead And more to come.”

Next I interview Noel also asking her various questions about if she did,  how she came up the idea for an assembly, her preparation and ideas for the event, and where it will be held.

Noel responded, “Daniel actually came up with the idea to have our minority students celebrated and represented in an assembly. We are planning on getting the whole school involved, like the choir and the theatre program.

“We are planning to have some monologues from historical black figures and some songs performed by the choral program.”

Finally, she ended saying “ the event will be held during school hours”

The Minority Committee all together is very invested in the producing this program and educating people in different ways. Hopefully their hard work won’t go unrecognized.