Senior spotlight: Spencer Jordan

Baylie Hunsaker, Reporter

This time of year is what seniors look forward to. Senior trips, college decisions, prom, spring break, and graduation. As this years senior class is coming to its end in the near future, I decided to interview members of the Class of 2018 about where they are headed, why they are headed there, and what they are most excited for.  Whether they stay in-state or go out, Chelsea, Alabama will always be their home.


Spencer Jordan is today’s senior spotlight.

During the rest of Spencer’s high school career he wants to enjoy the time left that he has with his friends. He states, “growing up with everyone will definitely leave a huge impact on my life.”

In the fall of 2018, Spencer plans on going to the University of Alabama, and major in pyschology. The reason he wants t major in psychology because what he wants to do is down that path.

During his college career, he wants to participate in a lot of intramurals. Spencer can’t wait to start this new time in his life and the path into adulthood.