October 12th grade Student of the Month: Jacob Giles


Olivia Hand, Reporter

The senior Student of the Month November edition at Chelsea High School is Jacob Giles.

Jacob enjoys playing in the school’s band and being a peer helper. Jacob also helps the students at school by making them feel welcome with his friendly enthusiastic vibe.

In his free time Jacob enjoys going to lake for a swim! He also practices the trumpet and piano. Talented and adventurous.

If Jacob could change one thing about Chelsea High School it would be to “Allow people to bring animals to school. Imagine people riding horses through the halls and everyone walking their dog that would be crazy!”

In ten years he sees himself pursuing a career in music. He would like to get that furthered education at Auburn or UAB. He would like to have a wonderful family, he says “It would be putting me ahead in life”.

Jacob’s favorite influence is Ms. Jennifer Bailey an english teacher here at Chelsea High School. He says “She is such an amazing influence whenever I am down or upset. She always lifts me up”.

Jacob is the Student of the Month for being an excellent addition to the Class of 2016.