CHHS theatre to perform CLUE as fall musical


Veronica Zieba, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

The classic board game known as CLUE is coming to life in an upcoming musical produced by the Chelsea High School theatre department.

CLUE is about six guests that traveled to the manor of Mr. Body and are planning to get revenge. Everyone there is a suspected killer and has a dangerous motive. Will the guests find the killer before it is too late? Or will the lights go out before they can piece together the evidence and all hope is lost? 

This year, students are performing a two cast show that will feature different people in each play, with an even and odd cast.

The even cast consists of:

  • Haydon Molloy as Mr. Boddy
  • Kaylee Jones as Mrs. Peacock
  • Noah Dimon as Professor Plum
  • Julia Hanson as Miss Scarlet
  • Nick Davis as Colonel Mustard
  • Gabby Agee as Mrs. White
  • Cole Brown as Mr. Green
  • Catherine Burnett as the Detective

The second play, or odd cast, consists of:

  • Haydon Molloy as Mr. Boddy
  • Grier Reid as Mrs. Peacock
  • Nosh Dimon as Professor Plum
  • Bre Kelly as Miss Scarlet
  • Colin Brasher as Colonel Mustard
  • Olivia Holmes as Mrs. White
  • Cole Brown as Mr. Green
  • Adah Graves as the Detective

With so many characters, the students will have to practice frequently. Nonetheless, they are still very excited about the show.

“I am pretty sure that this play will be one of the best plays Chelsea will see,¨ said Gabby Agee, who has been cast as Mrs. White in the even cast. “It’s fun and interactive, so it’s fun for the audience no matter the age.”

The first performance of the play will run during school hours on Thursday, November 11. There will be a show that evening as well. Then, on Saturday, November 13, there will be two shows will run for those who did not get to see the earlier performances. 

So come  watch the mystery unravel at the Chelsea High musical as the guests piece together information to find the killer!