Hornet Pride marching band takes on 2021 season


Julia Davison, Chelsea Buzz Reporter

Chelsea High’s Hornet Pride Marching Band is halfway into the marching season and still getting better every day. Under the leadership of Perry Lawley, the band practices three times a week together.

 To get ready for the season, the band had a three week band camp in July. The students pack together from 8 a.m. until noon to learn the entire halftime show. However, this year there were weather problems for the band. Mr. Lawley had to find a new place to rehearse and learn the show.

The band went to Chelsea Middle School to begin camp. Students brought tents, lawn chairs, coolers, and more to prepare for the heat. The week band camp was held, Alabama had a state-wide heat advisory so the band had to follow a strict schedule. They learned and practiced for 30 minutes and then had a 15 minute break to cool down.

Despite all the bumps, the band was still able to come together to make band camp fun. Emma Shaw, a clarinet in the band, gave some insight into band camp.

“I love being able to make new friends and hangout with old friends as well. Camp is a great way to get exercise while still having fun,” Shaw said. “Ending with rookie initiation and whip cream is always my favorite part!”

There are many different instruments shown in the show. They include flutes, clarinets, saxes, trumpets, trombones, tubas, percussion, mellophones, baritones, and more. There is also an auxiliary. Auxiliary includes color guard, dance team, and majorettes. Color guard also has a rifle line to add onto the show. The dance team is using silks this year to spice up their dance routine, while majorettes have lit up batons for the song “Blinding Lights” to fit the theme. The different instruments and auxiliary come together to entertain the audience.

This year’s halftime show theme is “A Take on Take on Me.” The songs were picked out to match the theme: “Take on Me” by A-Ha, “Feel This Moment” by Kesha and Pitbull, “Perfect” by Lucas and Steve, “Blinding Lights” by the Weeknd. Each artist sampled the original song “Take on Me” and made it their own. The show is about eight minutes long and never stops!

Once school started, so did marching season. Chelsea High’s first football game was August 20 and the Hornet Pride Marching Band would showcase their first show. The excitement filled the air at the first game. Gracie Streelman, a member of color guard, gushes on the excitement from the first game.

“The first football game is always my favorite performance out of the entire season!” Streelman said. “I love being able to feel the exciting atmosphere that has built up over the summer before the game!”

Last year, the band was not able to perform their show at away games due to Covid-19, which is different from this year. The band has already showcased their show twice at away games. Students are very excited to be able to travel with their friends and perform the show they have worked so hard on. Streelman mentions her love of away games.

“Away games are also super enjoyable since we’re able to spend more time together as a band and support our football team!” Streelman said. “The bus ride to away games is a great way to become closer with your team!”

Make sure to watch out for the Hornet Pride band this season at every football game. They will be competing in competitions in Pell City and Lake Martin. The Lake Martin Invitational is on October 2, while the Pell City Marching Festival is on October 16. The band will also perform at the Shelby County Showcase of Bands at Helena High School on October 19.