New Earbud Rule


Madeleine Cargile

Upperclassmen relish the luxury of being able to eat their lunch outside in the courtyard.

Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

It was a pretty normal monday when the students of Chelsea High school went to their LEAD groups. Once there, they were told that they would be reviewing some new rules. A slideshow was then pulled up onto the overhead projectors, and the students saw some new rules that would be enforced. Among one of these rules was one that stated that students would not be allowed to wear earbuds/airpods in the halls for “Safety Reasons”.

This new rule has caused much outcry in the student body, as most were used to listening to their music on the way to their next class. Most of the students here believe that this new rule is stupid, and do not understand what it is actually for.

“I don’t really know what the point of that is, really, because the alarms for school emergencies are much louder that earbuds are, even at [maximum] volume. Also, people can still see where they’re going with earbuds in, so it’s not like they’re just going to walk straight into a wall,” says Rachel Welch, a ninth grader, referring to the “Safety reasons” the new earbud rule is based on.

However, some students see the reasoning behind this new rule

“It can be aggravating talking to a kid when they have headphones in, and in certain cases of an emergency, earbuds would greatly affect what would happen.” States Kadian Ott, a sophmore.

I can see the logic and reasoning behind both sides of this argument. On one hand, students can take out their earbuds when someone’s talking to them, therefore making tensions at this school lower. On the other hand, teachers get extremely tired of trying to talk to a kid when they’re listening to music instead, and I suppose that if you have headphones on, that may slow your reaction in a deadly situation.

So, students and Staff of Chelsea High, what’s your opinion?