The Secrets Of Guitar


Brie Lee, Buzz News Reporter

Most of the classes you take are hard. Some contain friends, but some also contain strict teachers. Chelsea High School offers electives to take student’s minds off of the challenging work of life and the core classes. These electives teach a wide variety of subjects, so that all students may find one that is meant for them. One of these classes, however, caught my eye. Guitar. So, naturally, I studied this class, eager to satisfy my curiosity about what really goes on inside this elective. Guitar is held in the band room, and taught by Mr. Lawley.

I was given a tour by freshman Reed Proctor, who pointed out all the different groups in the class. There are many group here, he said, from the ones who can play guitar like a pro, those who learn how to play famous songs, and those who know how to play but just don’t care.

  The class held a wide selection of students, some rocking out on the guitar like they were playing Guitar Hero, others sitting in groups chatting about school and social lives.

  I spoke to Freshman Will Johnson, who said “It’s a pretty diverse place. Lots of different skill levels. Lots of people… Basically, you can get taught anything by anyone.”

I stayed for about half the class, and watched as the class went on. I left happy about my decision to study this class. This class is the best one that I have ever been a part of, and I regret not having signed up for it at the beginning of the year. Next year, if you have any interest in learning music and being a part of the guitar family, please sign up for this class. And remember, what goes on in Guitar stays in Guitar.