Information: Parking and Lockers

We plan to go live for the Class of 2018 – Monday, June 19 @ 8am – Wednesday, June 21 @ 5pm  Class of 2019 – Thursday, June 22 @ 8am – Saturday, June 24 @ 5pm

Steps to reserving a parking space:
1. Gather the following information:
  • Your driver’s license number
  • Your vehicle tag number
  • Your vehicle’s year, make, model, and color
  • Your automobile insurance company name, policy number, policy expiration date, and policy holder’s name. (All of this information is on your insurance ID card.)
2. Log into your email account.
3. Complete the 2017-2018 Chelsea High School Student Driver Information form. (If you are receiving an error message stating that you do not have permission to access the form, you are not logged into the correct email account on your device.)
4.  Check your email periodically. You will receive an email with instructions on WHEN and how to access the parking space reservation form in a few days. 
Please note that in order to be fair, students will be assigned start times for the parking space reservation form according to when the driver information form was completed.
IF a student ignores the assigned start time and submits the form too early, the requested space will NOT be reserved, and another space will be be chosen for the student.
Students may submit the parking space reservation form at any time after their assigned start time.
Lockers will be selected at the same time:
Top lockers are odd numbers
Class of 2020 will select lockers Monday, June 26 @ 8am – Wednesday, June 28 @ 5pm
Class of 2021 will select lockers Thursday, June 29 @ 8am – Saturday, July 1 @ 5pm