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Lilly Christian

Lilly Christian, Reporter

Lilly Christian the fourteen year old journalist. She was born on August 20th of 2003. In her family she has an older brother and a  younger sister. Her hobbies include playing the clarinet for Chelsea’s Marching Band and listening to music (especially from The Beatles). She currently is in 9th grade at the High school. In High School her best subject would have to be History.  When she’s outside of school she enjoys watching TV/ Netflix. Her favorite shows include Rick & Morty and Parks & Recreation. If she decides to change things up a bit she enjoys watching a few of Shane Dawson’s crazy videos on youtube. When she is on youtube you definitely won’t catch her watching James Charles. Lilly Christian is happy, funny, very fashionable, and very down to earth. If there’s one animal to describe Lily it’s a panda. --written by Mandy Jordan

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