Class of 2019: Senior Year and a Legacy


Keishace Jackson, Buzz News Reporter

Graduation is just around the corner for the Class of 2019. Interviews have been conducted with four seniors, who took the time to reflect on their high school years and share some thoughts, before stepping out into the real world.

Wendy Torres, Lexie Duca, Riley Conolly and Daniel Washington have all agreed that one thing about senior year is that it’s definitely bittersweet. When asked to describe their senior year in three words, they said things such as, “fun,” “emotional,” “stressful,” “priceless,” “adventurous” and “unique.”

These seniors have not given up when it comes to making the most out of their last year. Even still, they have goals they would like to achieve by the end of the year, along with goals for college. For example, Riley wishes to maintain her GPA and pass all of her AP exams. As of college, she plans to study Veterinary Medicine and get the opportunity to study abroad. Another example is how Lexie aspires to finish the year, ranking in the top 20, along with having a good soccer season and building lifelong friendships. When in college, she wants to make a lot of friends and impact the athletic team with whom she will be playing.

During their high school years, each of these seniors have impacted their school in some way. Wendy says that, as being a part of FCA, she “helps reach students to get to know God,” while Daniel has put in much effort “to make everyone feel like they can be somebody in this world where people have so much hate.” Similarly, Lexie says she has impacted Chelsea High School by being a “friendly face for people to talk to,” someone who gives off “accepting and welcoming vibes.” Riley, being a part of many clubs and the president of two, has done volunteer work for the community and has helped new students and freshmen adjust to high school.

When asked what a legacy meant to them, these four seniors basically had the same perception. In their words combined, a legacy is “an extraordinary something or someone that enriches people and the environment, and is remembered even when gone, being one of the best things a person can give.”

So what’s the legacy the Class of 2019 will leave behind as a whole? Based on their interviews, perhaps something that ranges from creating a positive understanding of diversity and acceptance, to encouraging others to believe in themselves and to give smiles and kindness. From being bold and stepping out of their comfort zones, to impacting their teachers and classmates in a positive way. And as a senior myself, I, too, can agree that bringing Chelsea High School closer than it has ever been is a vision I hope to see come true one day, a legacy in which I hope to have also played a role.