Welcome, Class of 2022!


Keishace Jackson, Buzz News Reporter

Since August 7th, 2018, a train of incoming freshman are stepping into a new chapter of life at Chelsea High School. The halls are seemingly more crowded with not only more feet, but also with more goals and expectations. Two interviews have been recorded.

Connor Ridderhoff, a ninth-grader, has lived in Chelsea his entire life. When asked what he most looked forward to, he answered, “Getting more freedom and more challenges along the way.”

Ridderhoff admits that he likes challenges, and that even the ones of high school should not be too bad for him. He plans on making all A’s, paying attention, staying organized and overall being successful in his classes.

Another freshman, Joseph Savage, answered questions about the new school year. Savage, along with Ridderhoff, plays for the school’s football team. As of new challenges, he expects there to be much harder schoolwork, but he too plans to succeed in all of his classes.

When asked if he already knew his career goals for the future, he answered, “Yes. I want to become an Air Force pararescueman,” which is basically a hero whose motto is, “These Things We Do, That Others May Live.”

The Class of 2022 is on the rise, as this is just the beginning of their journey filled with many changes but, of course, many good times to come.