Freshmen talk early impressions of high school


Madeleine Cargile, Buzz News Reporter

As the new school year is now well under way, a whole new class of students is adjusting to life at Chelsea High School. The Class of 2022, the new freshmen at CHHS, have gotten their feet wet. The Buzz spoke to several freshmen to get their true feelings, positive and negative, about their first few days at Chelsea High School.

“I like it,” Lily Parham, a member of the Chelsea High School dance team, said. “School’s just school, but I definitely like it more than middle school. I’m happy to be in high school.”

Many students share the same views as Lily. They’re glad they get to leave middle school behind and have high hopes for high school. Several freshmen commented they already experience more freedom.

As an example student Jillian Francis said, “We don’t have to have to walk in a straight line.”

In addition to that, high school has seemed to lift the spirits of these newcomers.

One student, wishing not to be named, said, “I was mildly depressed in middle school but in high school, I don’t feel like that.” The student is pleased with the turn around and much more upbeat and ready for the new school year.

While many students are content with the school, some are a little unhappy. One such student stated that they were worried high school will change people, specifically her friends, and that they will all leave her by the end of the year.

School’s just school, but I definitely like it more than middle school. I’m happy to be in high school.”

— Lily Parham

Some of these students had very high expectations that were sadly let down. “Honestly, I’m not thrilled,” said Cole Brown, a freshman member of the marching band.

Others are just not happy to be back in school. They wish they’d had a longer break. But a few are slightly frightened of the road ahead.

Chelsea High School softball player, Madelyn Riggins had some trepidation about the school year and the weight of classwork.

“I mean, it’s kinda scary,” Riggins said. “If I don’t get a certain GPA, I won’t get to go to the certain college I want to go to.”

Others, like Campbell Carbonie, think the upperclassmen are intimidating. “Upperclassmen are scary,” Carbonie said. Adding to that, Mya Wells says, “They’re a lot of tall people.”

Some other freshmen actually had quite a few words to say about the sophomores. “I’m tired of 10th graders thinking they own the place,” Kathryn Moore said.  Several other freshmen voiced the opinion that they would prefer if the sophomores didn’t treat them like babies or talk down to them.