Freshmen settle in at CHHS


Mandy Jordan and Rachel Johnson

Freshmen at CHHS are just starting to settle in and get the hang of high school. We asked a few freshman how they feel so far about their Chelsea High experience.

Joseph Garrett says his favorite teacher was Mr. Baumbaugh in math. He explained that Mr. Baumbaugh really understands his students and their mindset on school. We also asked him if he preferred High School or Middle School and he said High School.

Olivia Bergert also said she preferred High School. One thing she really looks forward to is Chelsea’s famous pep rallies. Lots of freshmen seem to be looking forward to this.

Callie Willet is a bit upset about how crowded the hallways are. It’s very different from the Middle School traffic jams. Callie is very excited about the other things in high school such as the French Club and FBLA club.

Jake Bramblett also says he wants to take place in the FBLA club. While Callie wants to take part in the French Club Jake wants to take part in the Spanish club.

Next we talked to Molly Lahue. One thing Molly will take participate in after school is Basketball. Get ready for this freshmen to work hard for our Basketball team! Over all we got a mostly positive response from all the freshman we interviewed. It’s a great day to be a hornet!