CHHS senior earns acceptance to Yale


Evan with Mr. Trucks and Ms. Fowler.

Mandy Jordan, Reporter

Evan Mealins when you think of this name his family and friends would say a sweet, very relaxed fellow, one of those wonderful people you know and love. Some even might say beyond intelligent.

On December 14, 2017 Evan was sent a video showing his acceptance to Yale. We went to Evan to ask him a few questions about receiving this honor.

First, the Buzz asked Evan if getting into Yale was a dream, he said yes. After we asked him how he felt and he simply replied, “I was overcome with emotions. I was happy and proud and most of all, surprised.”

His advice for the students who want into Yale includes, “Try to get involved and do your best as much as you can. Make good friends with your teachers and counselors and have a good relationship with the student body.”

He is currently the president of the senior class. He is very active in the pep rallies and is an outstanding peer helper.

At Yale he plans on studying Mathematics. Other than Yale he said he would like to go to Washington University in St Louis. Other than being active in our school system he also thinks his college application essays assisted him into getting into Yale.