Senior spotlight: Gracie Bradford

Baylie Hunsaker, Reporter

This time of year is what seniors look forward to. Senior trips, college decisions, prom, spring break, and graduation. As this years senior class is coming to its end in the near future, I decided to interview members of the Class of 2018 about where they are headed, why they are headed there, and what they are most excited for.  Whether they stay in-state or go out, Chelsea, Alabama will always be their home.

Today’s senior spotlight is Miss Gracie Bradford.

Gracie plans that through the conclusion of her senior year she can’t wait for prom and to graduate with honors. She will miss the senior class the most because she has been with most of them since Kindergarten.

She states, “I will miss all 300 + seniors with all my heart.” Gracie Bradford is going to attend the University of South Alabama during the fall of 2018. She says that USA has felt like home since her first visit, and it is only forty minutes away from the beach!

She plans on majoring in business and marketing, and to continue her studies at Auburn Harrison School of Pharmacy, which is also located at the USA campus, to get her PharmD.

Gracie wants to hopefully rush in one of the many sororities on the campus, and she is eager to start her new life with new people, in a new place.