Coffee a must for some CHHS students

Olivia Hand, Reporter

Needless to say, but students struggle to wake up in the early mornings before the school bell rings. They hurry and grab the closests, most convenient drink they can find that will result in them feeling awake for a short amount of time. They grab caffeine whether that be coffee, energy drinks or soda, the question is… is it truly beneficial?

Lexi Williams, a junior at CHHS comes through the doors scurrying, but always coffee in hand.  She claims, “I drink coffee because it is simply my breakfast. It helps me get my day going, energizes my morning routine! If Chelsea had their own café it would be a dream, some days you just need an extra pick me up to get you through the day”.

The cons and pros of coffee intake are evident. It is almost common sense that drinking caffeine before bed will impair your sleep. Most students disregard this fact because they need to stay awake in order to study for a test. But little do they know it will harm them in the long run. Coffee takes nearly 45 minutes in order to be absorbed into your system. Students expect instant results, after the 45 minutes of drinking the coffee they have nearly finish their studying, and cannot fall asleep. This affects their quality of sleep and how they wake up in the morning. Feeling more drowsy, they grab more coffee, a cycle is established. They become dependent on caffeine.

Marissa Revel a student at CHHS explains, “I have a coffee addiction. I drink coffee every single day. I don’t really think it keeps me up, I drink nearly 5 to 7 cups of black coffee a day and I am still in bed by 10 o’clock. If Chelsea had their own cafe, I’d rarely use it because I make my own coffee at home for way cheaper”.

While coffee has it’s downs. It can be beneficial. Caffeine can enhance someone’s ability to retain information. Coffee drinkers have a 15 percent chance of living longer than non-coffee drinkers. It can reduce the risks of Type 2 diabetes.  It can speed up your metabolism. But obviously enough, it can make you feel more awake and ready for the day. Even the culture of coffee is just enough to make people drink it. Coffee shops and cafés are essential to cities. How can people not love coffee?

While the pros and cons of coffee are nearly equal, what is the best way to drink coffee? According to the California College of San Diego, you should never drink over 400 milligrams of coffee at one sitting. Also, drinking coffee at appropriate times is very important. Don’t drink coffee 6 hours prior to going to bed, it will affect your quality of sleep for its effects last over 6 hours. Caffeine in a healthy moderation of consumption is your friend not your foe.