CHHS band prepares for upcoming performances


Tanner Marlow, Reporter

In Chelsea High there are many different clubs that perform things they have practiced for many weeks or months to show family and friends. One club that does this has many performances through the year is band. They will perform these concerts to show the progression of Chelsea as an arts facility, how many people want to be in band, and to show how devoted Chelsea students are to this club and how they want to make these concerts the best they can be. Throughout the school year there will be many of these concerts. Here are a list of the concerts that are planned and what they are going to be performing.

1.) Christmas Concert/ Christmas Extravaganza– This concert will include the choir, the band, and art performing your favorite Christmas tunes with a Chelsea twist. Art will paint things relating to the holidays to make a good atmosphere. This event will get you in the Christmas spirit and make you feel great. It’s free so there is no reason not to go. It will be on December 4th at 6:30 P.M.  

2.) Winter Concert/ Pre MPA concert– This concert will show people the music that will be performed for MPA. MPA is a concert that will show how good the Chelsea Band is and will be judged by people from other schools. It is basically exams for band. Coming to this concert will show you how talented the Chelsea Band is. It will include two middle school bands and 2 high school bands. It will be on February 20th at 6:30.

3.) Spring Concert– The Spring concert will include the High School band and there will be no specified music. This music will just get you in a good mood and to let you have a good night and listen to some good music. It will be May 7th at 6:30.

4.) Choir Spring Concert– This concert will show the skill of the choir. The choir will do acapella and recent songs to get you in a good mood. Their concerts will make up get up and start singing with them. The concert will occur on May 11th 6:30.  

In general, there are many different events going on at Chelsea High and students should support their friends in these performances. Coming to these events will support the school but will also make close ones feel loved. Come support your Chelsea hornets at these concerts they have prepared a lot for. And don’t forget, it’s a great day to be a Hornet.