Photography spotlight: Fatima Maldonado

Nakia Coleman, Reporter

Photography seems to be a popular hobby as well as a popular career lately. More and more photographers are popping up on many social media platforms. People from all ages are beginning photography, from 12 to 80, anyone who has a natural eye to capture captivating moments is doing it.

A student from Chelsea High School has gladly allowed for the Chelsea Buzz to interview them about their interest in photography. The student interviewed is in 11th grade, so it gives a young perspective on the photography scene.

The student interviewed was Fatima Maldonado, a junior at Chelsea.

Q: What does photography mean to you? Would like to make it career?

A: “I take photography pretty serious as i found out in the weeks to come I began to really enjoy photography and yes I am considering it as one of my potential careers.”

Q: What do you enjoy taking pictures of: nature, people, or etc.?

A: “I like taking pictures of everything but if I have to say specifically something that I really enjoy is nature.”

Q: Do you plan on taking photography for the rest of high school?

A: “I am planning to take it next year I’m glad that I chose this class because I have learned so much from it and it really opens your eyes to things that are around your daily life.”