Expectations for the holidays

Tanner Marlow, Reporter

Around October and November every year, some people start to think about all the holidays coming up. This will result in many people celebrating Christmas before Halloween and totally overpassing Thanksgiving. But this time of year is a great time of year and it is a time to surround yourself around family and friends and to just appreciate them and everything they have done for you. But some people have different viewpoints on these holidays, so two different people were interviewed to see what they think about these holiday expectations.


Interview #1- Adam Byerman

Question 1.) How excited are you for the holidays?

Answer.) I’m very excited for the holidays especially the holidays that you get off of school. Also if the holiday break is long enough to travel and see family.

Question 2) Which Winter/ Fall holiday is your favorite and why?

Answer.) Christmas is my favorite Winter/ Fall holiday because we get about 2 weeks off school and my family goes up to Ohio to see the rest of my family that we don’t get to see that often.

Question 3.) How do you act around people during the holidays?

Answer.) When I’m with my family around the holidays everyone seems to be happy or they at least try to be happy around each other because they don’t want to mess up the holidays for anyone else.

Question 4.) How much do you eat during these holidays? Can you walk after?

Answer.) Well for me Wrestling season goes right through Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas so I try my best to not eat that much but it is very difficult because they rest of the people in my family can eat all they want. Also, yes I guess I can still kinda walk after words.


Interview #2 – Callie Smith

Question 1.) How excited are you for the holidays?

Answer.) I’m so pumped about the holidays because it gives you a reason to get the hard work over with and to kick back and relax.

Question 2.) Would you want a lot of things for Christmas or by a lot and why?

Answer.) I really don’t want a lot for Christmas. I guess as I started to grow up there’s not that much that a teenager fancies besides their everyday necessities. I know that’s like every Christmas movie’s lesson but it is the truth.

Question 3.) Do you eat a lot at these holidays? What do you eat you eat during theses holidays?

Answer.) There’s nothing I like more than a big ol feast during the holidays. We usually take about 6 out of 7 days of the week for a Publix or Walmart trip, and the 7th day God says to rest. My favorite holiday food is probably a nice ham.

Question 4.) Do you like the holiday atmosphere of these holidays?

Answer.) I love the Alabama atmosphere during the holidays because you can love the double life with your apparel choices.


In general, people like the holidays and what they feel like during them. They like hanging out with family, friends, and eating a lot. People like the atmosphere of it and getting school off. So during this holiday season, enjoy every minute of it and appreciate all of the people that care for you. Also, remember to eat a lot.